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What's the difference between traditional American and European kitchen cabinets?

The main difference between American and European Kitchens is separation the kitchen from the dining room.

Europeans do not usually eat the food in the place where it was prepared. That’s why they have two rooms: kitchen and dining room. But as an exception some Americans use this way also.

American kitchen is much bigger.

Europeans have small kitchen cabinets with small refrigerators and they have to cook often (European refrigerator is about half the size of American one).

Interesting fact: frozen food is not so popular in Europe. Typical European family  has not so many kitchen appliances like Americans have.

The other big difference - frameless and framed cabinets.

Europeans prefer frameless kitchen cabinets. It is very difficult to install but easy to maintain. Such way is good for contemporary look. Most Americans like framed cabinetry with classic and traditional look.

If Europeans plan to purchase a house they have to think about new kitchen because usually the cabinet is taken with the previous owner.

Such practice is active in Germany. They have to buy all new appliances for their house. At the same time 90% of American houses are sold fully completed.

Difference in hardware: European doors are handles; American doors have circular knobs. Window shutters in Europe are prominent, American houses have common screens. European windows are hinged or have swinging opening system; Americans open their windows vertically or horizontally.

And one more important thing – if you travel to Europe note that there is big difference in voltages.

US standard is 110 volt 60 hertz but Europeans use 220 volt 50 hertz. That means that American system is safer because it is lower than European one.

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